About Nutrient Solutions

Nutrient Solutions Ltd is the company of independent agricultural consultant Murray Craighead, B.Ag.Sc., M.Sc., CPAg., CNMA. Murray established Nutrient Solutions Ltd in 2001.

Murray is one of New Zealand\’s leading experts on soil and plant nutrition in pasture and crops with over 37 years experience in these fields. Many of his ideas and research findings are now established farmer and grower practices.


  • Murray has been New Zealand’s leading adviser on arable plant nutrition. He has promoted the responsible use of nitrogen and established the yield and quality aspects of many crops including cereals and potatoes.
  • He has helped develop crop nutrition models, fertilizer codes of practice and has assisted in the extension and training of these.
  • Murray, has helped Massey University staff pioneer the agronomic benefits of precision farming in the arable sector.
  • Murray is actively involved in the upgrading of berryfruit recommendations and nutrient budgets, particularly in blackcurrants.


  • Murray has a vast knowledge of the nutrition of pasture, its development and maintenance.
  • He has played a leading role in the development of fertilizer guidelines for dryland New Zealand and the use of sulphur in hill and high country.
  • He is well skilled in the use of nitrogen and its forms as well as N inhibitor products, in both pasture and crops.
  • Murray has carried out lime response work as well as developing the protocols for the use of cement kiln dust (NSD).
  • Teaching and writing pasture production and hydroponic student notes have helped give Murray a wider perspective in making fertiliser management decisions.